This is CONSENSES, an artistic project that unfolds in long chains of creative responses as different artists interpret one another's work from one medium into another, much like a game of "Telephone".

This project was brought to CRS through a collaboration between CONSENSES founder Sally Taylor and CRS music teacher Mica Moellering. Hear Sally's explanation of CONSENSES from the school exhibit's opening night:


The elephant and the blind men


Here at Charles River School, our chains began with six photographs that represent one of our core values: Curiosity, Creativity, Community, Challenge, Kindness, and Joy.  A photograph inspired a piece of music, which inspired a movement, which inpired a computer program, which inspired a piece of writing, which inspired a piece of visual art. None of the students knew whose art they were interpreting or which previous piece inspired it.  Thus, this project reflects the evolution of the essence of each of our values as interpreted through multiple perspectives of our students into multiple mediums.

The end result? Those six core CRS values made manifest, through the collaborative and individual efforts of 172 student artists, in 373 pieces of original work.

CONSENSES collaborative projects promote empathy, tolerance for others points of view, and unity.

To experience more CONSENSES, visit Sally's exhibit on Martha's Vineyard at 44 Main Street Vinyard Haven, or participate online at