The CRS Alumni Association

The Charles River School Alumni Association seeks to strengthen the bond between the school and its former students in ways that are meaningful as well as mutually beneficial. To this end, the Association organizes and supports reunions and other activities that enable former students to reconnect with the school and one another, sustain CRS’ mission and reputation, and cultivate loyalty to and pride in the school.  All alumni are members of the Alumni Association.

The CRS Alumni Council

The purpose of the CRS Alumni Council is to serve as the governing body of the CRS Alumni Association. The primary role of its members is to act as ambassadors of CRS, promoting exchange of information and sentiment between the school and the alumni community. Underlying all that the council does is a commitment to the CRS mission statement. The council is comprised of 15-20 of the association’s volunteers who meet regularly throughout the academic year.

Anna Albani ’03 Alexandra Krotinger ’00
Amy Lisbon Branton ’95 Sam Olsen '04
Alison Campbell ’83 Carly Reed ’05
Emily Chen '13 Katie Reed Bruno '02
Molly Plummer Cook ’95 Jessica Thompson Somol ’84
Mike Healey '06 Emaline Surgenor '05
Lily Hicks '14 Doug Surgenor ’02
Leslie Jackson Judge '91 Heather Bond Weisenflah ’88