CRS believes in the joy of childhood and this includes the joy and wonder of a snow day for our Otters.

Please be aware that our Snow Day Policy is as follows:

Does CRS make a decision in lockstep with local public schools?
In the event of inclement weather, CRS may choose to close school for a snow day. CRS may make this determination when other local school districts, like Dover-Sherborn Schools, are open as we have families and faculty traveling onto campus from various locations in the Boston area. 

How and when will families be alerted to a snow day?
In the event of a snow day, CRS will send out an alert via phone call, text message, and email to all parents and caregivers if and when it is determined that school will be closed for a snow day.  The notification will also be posted on our website, social media, and on local news channels. We will send out the alert by 5am (at the latest) on the morning of a snow day. 

Will students have homework on snow days?
During the rare occasions when a storm or series of storms cause consecutive days away from campus, we may post some asynchronous assignments in Google Classroom to bridge the gap. However, should we have one isolated snow day, students will not have additional assignments from teachers.