MUNers Continue Their Great Season

On Saturday, December 7, seven CRS award winners from the November Conference at Northeastern attended an invitation-only Model UN conference. "The Crisis in the Amazon" was the topic of this no-prep crisis conference, a fast-paced and ever-changing event. Throughout the day, delegates were given updates about the crisis situation and they had to agilely shift their attention to focus on the new problems. During this conference, students were partnered with delegates from other schools. 

"The conference was a lot of fun. I got to meet people from all different schools, and there was a high level of ideas and professionalism in the committee," said CRS eighth-grader Kathrine Margulis.

Three CRS MUNers earned awards at the event: Best Public Speaker: Simon Juknelis, representing Columbia, and Elizabeth Lapides, representing Equador; Best Negotiator: Priya DuBois, representing France. Congratulations to all!