PA Speaker Series: Dr. Kim O'Brien

On Tuesday, January 28, Dr. Kim O’Brien, CRS School Counselor, gave a talk on anxiety to an audience of CRS parents and local community members. Dr. O’Brien is a licensed clinician who has 14 years’ experience working with youth and families. She is on the faculty at Harvard University and also serves as a clinician and researcher at Boston Children’s Hospital.
“We are thrilled that we have a school counselor on-site to work with the students. Many of our children have participated in lunch bunch and have come home excited to show us strategies learned to support struggles with worrying, anxiety and big emotions,” noted Sara Ginsberg, Co-chair of the Parent Education Committee. “The Parent Association invited Dr. O’Brien to give a talk because we felt it would be informative and insightful to have her give us a greater understanding of children’s social-emotional development and to share practical takeaways we as parents can implement at home to keep the learning consistent.”
After an informative and well-received presentation, Dr. O’Brien took questions from the audience that ranged from sleep issues to helping children practice breathing techniques, to whether or not anxiety always need treatment. (The short answer? No.)
To read more about Dr. O’Brien’s perspective, click here for a link to the article she co-wrote, along with Associate Head of School Elizabeth Clayton, “Fostering Joy and Resilience, Countering Anxiety” for the Summer 2019 issue of The Current magazine.