Malik Gomes Cruz '15 Honored with Young Alumni Award

Charles River School is excited to announce Malik Gomes Cruz, Class of 2015, is the 2020 recipient of the CRS Young Alumni Award. The Young Alumni Award is presented each year at Final Assembly to that alumnus/a from the past five years who has demonstrated excellence in personal achievement or community service since leaving CRS. Malik will be honored at CRS on Tuesday, June 9, 2020.

After graduating from CRS in 2015, Malik attended Cambridge School of Weston, where he served as a dorm leader for the Trapelo Dorm, and as a student leader for Diversity Committee, Gay-Straight Alliance, Gender and Sexual Minorities, Queer People of Color, and SALSA (Students Advocating for Life without Substance Abuse). He has also participated in the NAIS People of Color Conference (POCC) and Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC). In his time at CSW, Malik was closely involved in the planning and execution of numerous campus events, including Diversity Day, Social Justice Day, Culture Fest, Dance Concert, Evening of the Arts, New Student Orientation and more.

Director of Student Programs for Equity & Inclusion at CSW, Jordan Clark, who worked closely with Malik on a number of projects, describes him as a “truly strong leader at CSW.” “The core of Malik’s skill set is his ability to listen to those around him and always be willing to adapt,” Jordan shares. “He leads with an empathy that allows him to connect with people in a sincere way. I cannot wait to see how Malik continues to use his opportunities to grow and affect change in the world.”
In the spring of 2019, Malik was accepted to the Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholars program at American University. As a member of this program, Malik received a full scholarship for all four years of his collegiate career. “It feels beyond surreal to win this incredible award,” Malik shares. “With the Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholars Program, I will be able to continue my passion for social justice advocacy and leadership. The FDDS program will provide me with the resources and connections I need to grow as a learner, student, and leader. I am extremely excited to be working with the other students in the program and esteemed faculty as I progress throughout my college years. I have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity and I plan to take advantage of it fully.”

After speaking at his CSW graduation in June, Malik was here on the Charles River School campus to work as a CIT for CRCAP for his second year. Aaron Gelb, Director of CRCAP, described Malik as “an amazing, talented, compassionate, and dedicated individual.” Malik also attended the alumni breakfast in the spring of 2019, sharing his high school experience with our CRS 8th graders.
Malik is completing his freshman year at American, where he is studying public relations and strategic communications.