Librarian Karen Pratt Featured in Good Housekeeping Article

Social-emotional learning is at the forefront of many discussions around the best educational environments for children. A recent Good Housekeeping article quotes Charles River School’s own Karen Pratt, school librarian and former PreK/K Co-teacher on this topic. As the article points out, “Educators say that some of the most critical things kids need to learn in school don’t always come from a textbook. Think: life skills like self-awareness, resilience, decision-making, and relationship building.
These skills are at the heart of a CRS education and prepare our students for the rigors of secondary school and beyond.
“‘When we put social-emotional learning at the forefront of education, we encourage students of different perspectives to learn from and help each other. We teach empathy through books with themes addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Then we discuss the subject matter and do related activities, like painting kindness rocks and acting out scenes from the books.’” Karen Pratt is quoted saying in the piece from Good Housekeeping.