CRS Joins NAIS Innovation Workshop

CRS was selected by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) to take part in a Strategy Lab in Washington D.C. Four members of the CRS administrative team joined the workshop focused on driving innovation in independent schools. CRS was one of five schools selected to join the workshop, with other schools hailing from New Jersey, New York, and the Washington D.C. area. 

Tim Fish, Chief Innovation Officer for NAIS shared, "Last year, I connected with Charles River School and was impressed by the faculty's eagerness to solve problems in a new way and through a different lens. We asked CRS to join the NAIS workshop because we thought the school could capitalize on the moment they were already seeing from their innovation initiatives, and make even more progress through the Strategy Lab experience." 

"When NAIS approached us, we seized the opportunity. Innovation is central to our approach at CRS, and we were honored to be selected to take part in the Strategy Lab," said Gretchen Larkin, Head of School for CRS. "The tools that we explored gave us a new way of thinking about families and students, and how we can help each individual student to flourish."