5 CRS Delegations Receive Awards at Model UN Conference

On Saturday, November 17, 31 CRS students participated in the Model United Nations Conference at Northeastern University, where they had the opportunity to engage in public speaking on global dynamic issues. Using the UN’s structure and rules of procedure, students worked in two-person delegations to represent different countries and attempt attempt to resolve real-world problems. Five CRS delegations received awards: UNDP Netherlands - Best Negotiator; UNDP Argentina - Best Delegation (the top award for a committee); UNGA Netherlands - Best Position Paper; UNODC Netherlands - Best Public Speaking; UNODC Myanmar - Best Negotiator.

Topics for this conference included: State Security in Afghanistan, Increasing Access to Renewable Energy, Addressing the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen, Cybercrime, Child Soldiers, Climate Change: Preserving Water Sources, Reducing Economic Barriers for Women, Peace Keeping in the Lake Chad Basin, Food Security, and Access to Clean Water. The Model United Nations program provides an opportunity for students to dig deeply into geopolitical issues, different cultures and perspectives, as well as strong research and public speaking skills.