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After School Programs

The Extended Day Program Philosophy

The Extended Day Program (EDP) at CRS is an extension of the school day, and the EDP staff reinforce a strong sense of continuity for students. Our program provides children with the freedom to make individual and group choices, and stresses the development of interpersonal social skills and the importance of building community.
The EDP provides children with both the structure of directed activities and the opportunity to make their own personal choices during free time, during which children have time to play, interact, and communicate in positive ways. Throughout the program, we encourage children to make creative choices that will enhance their personal growth. 

Children also have opportunities to play in small groups inside and outside the EDP classroom. The program simulates a neighborhood playgroup, and the multi-age grouping enriches personal relationships among the children and provides opportunities to develop new perspectives and ideas.

Enrollment in EDP is open throughout the year. Parents can enroll their child for a single day with 24-hour notice (exceptions for emergencies) or they can enroll their child in advance for a specific time slot throughout the year.

Special Classes & Workshops

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    Offers kids engaging and creative projects in science and engineering that encourage critical thinking and inquiry.  Emphasizing fun, creativity and collaboration, STEAMLAB classes allow students to experiment and tinker with innovative materials and technology. Classes include 3D Printing and design software, electronics, robotics, and computer programming.
  • Woodworks

    Woodworks brings carpentry to CRS after school. Students develop crucial hand-eye coordination and, through the use of hand tools, learn to create and follow schematics, and and the basic principles of engineering and design.

Meet the EDP Team

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  • Jeanette Pratt-Tello 

    Extended Day