June 2020

Dear parents,

Happy Summer! I hope you and your family have a wonderful summer filled with adventure, play, and lots of quiet reading time. I urge you to take time each and every day to read with your kids. Study after study proves that there is no greater indicator of academic success than time spent on pleasure reading.

This summer we are asking every CRS student to read at least one book from a required reading list. These books represent themes that fall under the overarching theme of cultural competency - social justice, diversity, and empathy. In addition, students entering grades 3- 8 will have a separate reading assignment prepared by their classroom teacher. You will find links to those assignments below.

Have a fantastic summer and Happy Reading!

Karen Belsley Pratt

Summer Reading Lists

Required Cultural Competency List

Summer Reading Assignments (Grade 3-8)

Suggested pleasure reading books for: