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Our multiage PreK/K was developed to provide students ages four through six with a play-based, nurturing, and collaborative community, where children are celebrated and respected for their individuality. Students who begin the program in PreK spend two years with our PreK/K teaching team, ensuring continuous academic and social growth. Our program is also designed to welcome new students in the Kindergarten year, integrating them into our classroom community and tailoring our program to fit each child’s needs.

Curriculum Overview

View the full PreK/K curriculum, which includes a comprehensive overview of the theme, language arts, math, social studies, science, technology, music, art, Spanish, physical education, and library.

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Classroom Themes

Our thematic curricula alternate biennially; they integrate most of the elements of the PreK/K curriculum – social studies, language arts, science, math, art, and music, and provide a meaningful context in which students develop their skills.



We begin Year A by looking inward — investigating who we are and where we live. We then explore the parts and importance of trees before learning all about noise. We use magnifying glasses to help us zoom in and out on the world around us before completing a long author study. During this time, we look at different books by an author to notice themes and differences and use these strategies to write our own stories. We end the year by examining the “seed to plant” process and talking about what they need to grow, what we need to grow, and how we have all grown throughout the year.


During Year B, we begin by reflecting on ourselves and each other, and then move on to explore the elemental themes of water and light. We study the six steps of engineering, explore a variety of fairy tales from around the world, and end the year with a hands-on investigation of metamorphosis. The processes of metamorphosis, growth, and change become a lens through which we revisit the beginning of the year, reflecting together on how we have grown and changed as people and as learners.


Dorothy's Charles River School Point of View

Everyone in the CRS community is very welcoming and the school’s focus on inclusion and diversity makes me feel incredibly privileged to work here.

Dorothy Gregoire
PreK/K Co-Teacher

Emerie's Charles River School Point of View

My favorite time to play is when everyone is outside together. Sometimes I play with my friends after snack, but we all like playing with the older kids. My Buddy is always so happy to see me and that feels like what love is.

CRS Student

Beau's Charles River School Point of View

Before I came to CRS I thought building things was only for fun. In Kindergarten I found out that building things is learning, too. I couldn’t believe it. Building with blocks and making other things was part of math, science, and library. We even have word blocks to learn to spell.

CRS Student
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