Welcome to Charles River School, a school that encourages children to experience the world around them in order to see what’s possible.

Hello! My name is Gabe Burnstein, and I’m proud to welcome you to Charles River School. 

At CRS, community is our greatest strength. Students at CRS know that their teachers and classmates care about them, and they practice caring for others. Meaningful connections power the learning process across our sixteen-acre campus and bind “the pursuit of academic excellence” to “the joy of childhood,” two core values found in the first line of our mission. At CRS, we challenge students to stretch themselves all day long: to tackle new formulas in math, conduct a conversation in French or Spanish, program a robot, or perform in a sharing assembly. In order to leap and soar, students need to allow themselves to be vulnerable and risk making mistakes and falling down.  

That’s why CRS teaches children to pick each other up. CRS students learn to cheer for each other and care for each other. CRS teaches kids to be great teammates. 

CRS also recognizes that teachers and families are teammates for students. As a parent, I am grateful for CRS teachers, who partner with my wife Rebecca and me in raising our children and giving each of them what they need to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. I am honored to be part of such a special school community where teachers and families work as a team to guide our students through childhood’s finish line on the other side of eighth grade.

But don’t take it from me. When you are visiting campus, make sure to talk to our students about what they love most about CRS. Just make sure you have a lot of time because they have very long lists! 


Gabe Burnstein 

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Gabe's Charles River School Point of View

Progressive educators empower children by affirming their perspectives and partnering with them as we learn together. Children enter our classrooms with their own identities, experiences, burning questions, and more. As educators, we co-create curriculum and learning experiences with the children in our care.

Gabe Burnstein
Head of School