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Gabe Burnstein

Head of School

CRS’s 11th Head of School, Gabe Burnstein has nearly 20 years of experience working as a teacher, advisor, coach, consultant, and leader in independent schools, most recently as the Middle School Director at Gordon School in Providence, RI. He began his career at Campbell Hall School in California, where he redesigned the curriculum as a humanities teacher to include collaborative, project-based learning.  He joined The Gordon School’s faculty in 2008 as a humanities teacher and eighth-grade advisor and has taken on roles with increasing responsibility and breadth, including serving as the Faculty Board Representative, a member of the Leadership Team, the Diversity Committee, and the Anti-Racism Working Group for White Parents. During his impressive career in education, Gabe has presented at numerous workshops and conferences and served as a consultant to schools across the country on policies and teaching practices related to diversity, equity, and belonging. Gabe grew up in Michigan and earned a bachelor’s degree in English and Film at The University of Michigan. He went on to earn his master’s degree in Independent School Leadership at Teachers College, Columbia University.