Leave Behind Your Legacy

Bequests, gifts of insurance, retirement plan funds, and gifts that provide lifetime income can provide significant future resources for Charles River School while providing you with income, tax, and personal benefits. Those who inform CRS of their bequest intentions become members of the Richard Thorndike ’23 Legacy Society.

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The Richard Thorndike ’23 Legacy Society

When you include Charles River School in your estate planning, you become a valued member of the Richard K. Thorndike ’23 Legacy Society. Richard Thorndike, a long-time supporter, and enthusiastic alumnus, named Charles River School as a beneficiary in his will. He was one of four Thorndike siblings who graduated from CRS and was also the grandfather of Lucy ‘80, Zander ‘82, and Cynthia Sprague ‘86. Charles River School recognized his extraordinary generosity and that of his extended family by creating The Richard K. Thorndike ’23 Legacy Society in his memory.

Planned Giving POV

Paul's Charles River School Point of View

“CRS students love to learn and seeing their joy and happiness during the difficult years of the pandemic has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I want to make sure that I did my part to give back to the school in a way that would contribute to its long-term sustainability and a planned gift was a great way to do that.”

Paul Rupprecht
Athletic Director