Welcome to the Parent Association!

All CRS parents are automatically part of this association and we work to engage the parent community in all areas of CRS life. We provide opportunities for parents to meet each other, learn new things and support CRS. Through your volunteerism and engagement, the entire CRS community will flourish.

The amount of time parents are able to commit to volunteer activities varies; opportunities are available for whatever you’re able to offer. Even if you have just an hour or two, we’ll help you find a good fit for your interests.

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Primary Goals of the Parent Association:

  • Provide parent volunteers to assist the school when necessary
  • Build and foster the CRS parent community
  • Educate parents
  • Serve as the liaison between parents and administration

Attend a PA Meeting

All parents and caregivers are invited to the Parent Association meetings, which happen on the second Tuesday of each month. Meetings rotate between in-person and Zoom formats to accommodate as many parents' schedules as possible We hope to see you at an upcoming meeting! Check the PA Meeting Schedule

Get Involved!

There are so many ways to be more involved with the Parent Association. It’s a great way to make new connections with members of the entire community.

Contact the PA
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Parent Association Events

The PA hosts events throughout the year to foster community, friendship, and fun. From parent/caregiver coffees to student playdates, there are many opportunities to make connections with families in your child’s grade and beyond. There are also a number of community service events and parent/caregiver education events on the calendar.

  • September 12, 8:30am: PA Meeting (in-person)
    • PA Meeting Recap, 7:00pm (Zoom)
  • September 29, 6-8pm: Middle School Event
  • October 5, 7pm: Peg Dawson Parent Education Lecture
  • October 10, 8:30am: PA Meeting (Zoom)
  • October 13, 6pm-9pm: Welcome Back Party
  • October 21, 11am-3pm: CRS Fair
  • November 3, 6pm-7:30pm: DJ Dance Party
  • November 14, 7:00pm: PA Meeting (Zoom)
  • December 12, 8:30am: PA Meeting (in-person)
  • January 9, 7:00pm: PA Meeting (Zoom)
  • January 19, at 6pm-8pm: Movie Night
  • February 13, 8:30am: PA Meeting (in-person)
  • April 9, 8:30am: PA Meeting (Zoom)
  • May 14, 8:30am: PA Meeting (in-person)