Dear Fellow CRS Alumni,

Like many of you, we feel a strong connection to Charles River School. We have fond memories of our unique experiences at CRS. We learned how to explore new ideas, make connections, challenge conventional thinking and take risks. Much of what I learned at CRS, I have taken with me through my life as a student, friend, professional and volunteer. Because of the strong foundation CRS offered me, we are honored to serve as the CRS Alumni Council Co-Chairs and support the school at an exciting time in its growth.  

The Alumni Council was created with the mission of helping the school's alumni community stay connected to CRS. Our main initiatives include planning events to reconnect with CRS and each other and providing an alumni perspective to the CRS administration on strategic initiatives involving the future direction of the school. Each year, we also acknowledge our own by nominating and awarding the Distinguished Alumni Award and the Young Alumni Award to alumni who have made a significant contribution to the school or demonstrated excellence in a personal achievement.

Students at CRS come to school each morning ready and excited to learn. Our Head of School Gretchen Larkin has infused the school community with energy and new ideas for continuous innovation in the school's curriculum. This year, Rachael Burbank has joined us as the Assistant Director of Development and brings with her a wealth of new ideas to engage alumni so be on the lookout for new communications and opportunities to reconnect to CRS.

Be sure to connect to the CRS Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages as well for more updates about the school, old photos and more! If you are interested in organizing an alumni gathering in your home city or being involved on the Alumni Council, please do not hesitate to contact us at and

Sam Olsen '04 & Emaline Surgenor '05
CRS Alumni Council Co-Presidents

Alumni Profile: Will and Dave Willis

Dave ('92) and Will ('88) at the Bully Boy Distillery

"CRS was a school that gave me the structure to learn while allowing me the freedom to explore my own ideas. It's a unique place that provided me with the tools to succeed and be happy throughout the rest of my education and professional life."

– Will Willis, entrepreneur and co-founder, Bully Boy Distillers