Mary Oliveira

Mary Oliveira joined CRS in 1999 as an art educator. Prior to teaching at CRS, Mary taught art at The Canterbury School of Florida, as well as at Nashoba Brooks School in Concord, Massachusetts. She maintains a painting studio in her home and enjoys drawing and painting from life, with people and landscapes being some of her favorite subject matter. Mary earned her bachelor’s degree from Regis College, where she graduated cum laude, and her MFA from Boston University.

Aaron Dana

Man in grey sweater

It’s a treat and a challenge to assist students at all stages of their creative development. At each stage, every student requires something different; it’s exciting to find new ways to motivate and inspire while witnessing their growth.

Aaron was an art instructor at the Charles River Creative Arts Program (CRCAP) for over a decade before joining the CRS faculty. While the development of technical and observational skills is a rewarding process, Aaron says his primary goal as an educator is to help students develop creative problem-solving skills while instilling artistic mindfulness that they can utilize in all aspects of their lives and studies.