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Charles River School honors the pursuit of academic excellence and the joy of childhood. We nurture each child by igniting curiosity, encouraging creativity, and cultivating intellectual engagement.  Our graduates know themselves, understand others, and shape the future of our diverse world with confidence and compassion.

Zack Swale

Man in grey CRS sweater

I love the community at the Charles River School. It feels like a family where everyone knows you. The kids make it a joy to come to work each and every day. I love seeing the smiling faces. CRS is a place where kids grow and can be themselves. They are able to make mistakes and learn from them. They are able to try new things that they would not be able to do at other schools. They are encouraged to take chances, be open to change, and to make their voices heard.

Zack joined CRS in September 2015 as a Facilities Associate and was named the Director of Facilities in 2023. He comes from a family of educators and school staff and always knew he would enjoy working in a school setting. As a Facilities Associate, he helped maintain Charles River School’s beautiful campus grounds and infrastructure and, along the way, fell in love with CRS. Zack also started coaching his first year at CRS, as a basketball coach and later as the flag football coach. Zach’s primary focus is ensuring the school is safe and welcoming to our students, families, and visitors.
Before CRS, Zack was a production manager at a cabinet manufacturer and a member of the carpenters union. He is a graduate of Bristol Plymouth Technical High School in Taunton, Mass. During his time at CRS, he returned to college and earned his BS Magna Cum Laude from Southern New Hampshire University with a major in Sports Management. In his daily life, he is an avid sports fan and a long-time semi-professional football player.