Claire McDonald

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CRS is a very special place in my heart and my goal going forward is to foster the same environment I experienced and to make these kids feel at home.

Claire McDonald joined Charles River School in 2021 as an Extended Day Teacher. Previously, she attended Pace University and is working towards her teaching license certification from Mass Bay College. Before working at CRS, Claire worked at the Goddard School and the Brooklyn Arbor Elementary School. Claire has attended the Charles River Creative Program since she was 8 years old and has worked as a dance counselor for three years since then. Her favorite part about spending time in EDP is creating long-lasting relationships with the kids and their families.

Bear Conefrey

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“I love seeing the kids at CRS thrive in their environment. Supporting the students in all endeavors is an absolute joy, and seeing how much they love EDP is such a privilege.”

Bear is a hardworking teacher who strives to encourage creativity, empathy, responsibility, and joy in all their students. They graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a Bachelor’s in Illustration. While applying their degree to EDP’s art club, they formulate lessons and projects aimed to encourage their students’ creativity and self-expression. They currently reside with their partner and five pet rats in Allston, Mass.

Binu Gopinathan

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Binu is a passionate educator who firmly believes in developing and encouraging creativity and engineering skills in kids for innovation and invention.  She has worked for both public and private afterschool learning centers for children that specializes in nationwide math and creative writing/reading programs for preschool students through middle school.  Recently she was working as the afterschool teacher for Norwood Schools Department of Early Education and Care Funded Program teaching Math and Reading to kids from 5 to 14 years of age, before joining CRS.  Binu has a Bachelor’s degree in English language and literature.  She resides in Norwood MA with her family.

Cricket Marobella

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Cricket (they/them) is a 2021 graduate of MassArt, exiting school with a passion for all kinds of craft and artistic disciplines. Cricket co-headed the textiles department in 2022 for one of our CRS Summer Programs, Charles River Creative Arts Program, putting together several runway shows and helping campers achieve their fashion dreams. Their favorite thing to do is help kids’ natural talents bloom and see their self-confidence grow.

Netra Srikanth

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CRS is one of the most supportive communities I have ever been a part of. Every day, I see students supporting each other and colleagues working together to solve problems –there is truly the ethos that if we help each other, we help our community and make it stronger and better for all!

With a background in both education and entrepreneurship, Netra has a strong knowledge of both educational programming and business as well as a passion for the arts and athletics. She has co-founded and led several highly-acclaimed programs, including Birch Learning, Urban Kids Music, and Leoa Academy and Sports. Additionally, Netra has worked as a curriculum development leader, teacher mentor, and classroom teacher.  She is also a trained musician and has taught piano, viola, and voice.

Netra has an MA from Teacher’s College, Columbia University, and a BA from Tufts University. She lives with her family in Lexington, Mass.