Steve Trust

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Steve Trust has been in education for 15 years, working in both public and independent schools as a classroom teacher, staff developer, curriculum writer, and administrator.  Steve joined CRS in 2011 as a Technology Integration Specialist, and has served as the Director of Academic Technology since 2014.

Before coming to CRS, Steve was a founding teacher at the Laboratory School of Finance and Technology in Bronx, NY, where for 8 years he developed and implemented the school’s technology curriculum, ran afterschool programming in digital music, computer hardware, and entrepreneurship, and served as a staff developer for new teachers. Most recently through his work with CRS, Steve has presented at numerous conferences on topics ranging from 3D printing and robotics to early childhood and middle school education, and is a frequent speaker on parenting in the age of social media.

Steve earned his BA from Hamilton College with a dual major in Computer Science and Philosophy, and a MS in Teaching from Pace University.  Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Steve has lived in rural upstate NY, the South Bronx, and now settled down with his wife, son, and daughter in Southborough.

Harrison Simon

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I love being part of creative processes.  The immense amount of material this is generated in school is awesome and wonderful. I like finding ways to make that creation fun, realistic, and seamless for everyone involved.

Harrison worked many summers at the Charles River Creative Arts Program teaching media before joining the CRS faculty. He previously worked at Apple in support and sales positions.