Community Service Mission Statement

In keeping with Charles River School’s objective to educate the whole child, our community service efforts focus on activities where we:
  • Develop awareness of global issues, the needs of others and our connection to the broader community;
  • discover tangible ways to enhance the quality of others’ lives;
  • appreciate our interdependence with others and what we can give and receive from each other; and
  • experience the value of generosity, compassion, and gratitude in our lives.

Community service is an important part of CRS life.

Each grade level completes a class community service project and students work on school-wide projects, as well. We select activities where students can fully participate and that benefit both the local and global community. In recent years, second grade gathered and donated supplies to a local animal shelter, fourth grade studied entrepreneurs in Africa and raised money for Kiva (an online lending program for entrepreneurs worldwide), and fifth graders earned more than $2,000 for Free the Children (an organization working to end the exploitation of children worldwide). Older students work on individual service projects, and conduct two year-long projects in seventh and eighth grade that they initiate and plan themselves.