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Parent Association

Welcome to the Parent Association. All CRS parents are automatically part of this association and we work to engage the parent community in all areas of CRS life. We provide opportunities for parents to meet each other, learn new things and support CRS. Through your volunteerism and engagement, the entire CRS community will flourish.

The amount of time parents are able to commit to volunteer activities varies; opportunities are available for whatever you're able to offer. Even if you have just an hour or two, we’ll help you find a good fit for your interests.
  • Provide parent volunteers to assist the school when necessary
  • Build and foster the CRS parent community
  • Educate parents
  • Serve as the liaison between parents and administration

Parent Association

List of 19 members.

  • Photo of Constance Judge

    Leslie Judge 91

  • Photo of Heather Willis

    Heather Willis 

    Vice Chair
  • Photo of Kristina Westerling

    Kristi Westerling 

  • Photo of Michael Branton

    Mike Branton 

  • Paige Stowers 

    Events Chair/Logo Wear Co-Chair
  • Photo of Robin Pedder

    Robin Pedder 

    Logo Wear Co-Chair
  • Jaclyn Moheban 

    Logo Wear Co-Chair
  • Photo of Leslie Harlan

    Leslie Harlan 

    Logo Wear Co-Chair
  • Lindsey  McElligott 

    Co-Class Parent Coordinator
  • Photo of Peggy Ye

    Peggy Ye 

    Co- Class Parent Coordinator
  • Suzy Willard Rosenthal 

    Community Service Coordinator/SCRIP Coordinator
  • Photo of Sara Ginsberg

    Sara Ginsberg 

    Parent Education Co-Chair
  • Photo of Marcie Hebert-Maccaro

    Marcie Hebert-Maccaro 

    Community Service Coordinator
  • Photo of Kristine Zizic

    Kristine  Zizic 

    Parent Admissions Coordinator
  • Janine Pardo 

    New Family Coordinator
  • Christen Peterson 

    Parents Independent Network Representative
  • Dawn Beehr 

    Fundraising Chair
  • Photo of Janniece York

    Janniece  York 

    Communications Co-Chair
  • Photo of Aqueela Culbreath-Britt

    Aqueela Culbreath-Britt 

    Communications Co-Chair