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Tessa Steinert Evoy

Grades 7 & 8 Social Studies, Advisor

I love the autonomy each teacher has in developing curriculum, though it’s scaffolded with cross-curricular, project-based activities at every grade. The joy of childhood is present in and outside of the classroom.

Tessa is finishing a master’s degree at Harvard Divinity School, where she was involved with the Religious Literacy Project. Before returning to school for her master’s degree, she was a middle school history teacher at Falmouth Academy. In that role, Tessa taught and designed student-centered, discussion-based eighth-grade history and ninth-grade English courses. She emphasized core skills in reading, analyzing, and writing with clear mechanics and coherent argumentation, as well as advised students with weekly meetings. Tessa previously worked in the admission office at Boston University Academy and as a writing instructor for the FaySummer English Immersion program. In addition to her M.A., she also has her bachelor’s from Boston University.