The theme in sixth grade is "The Triangle Trade"

Sixth graders are the adults of childhood, just beginning to come into a sense of themselves in the larger world. Therefore, our curriculum focuses on cultivating the attitudes and aptitudes needed to become active, compassionate, and clear-thinking community members. Throughout the year, we pursue the concepts of power and freedom as we delve into the Triangle Trade and slavery in America. We also explore concepts of space and identity through our integrated STEM and Humanities curricula. Through our curriculum, we spark students’ natural curiosity and enthusiasm for the world of ideas.
Language Arts
The sixth grade English curriculum  fosters an appreciation for the power of language as a tool for conveying information, communicating ideas, and capturing experiences. We begin with the idea that humanity has a rich and diverse tradition of storytelling. Drawing on fiction and nonfiction mentor texts, students build a dynamic knowledge of literary elements, grammatical concepts, and rhetorical devices that inform their engagement with reading as well as their approach to their own writing. Throughout this exploration, students develop their abilities as readers, writers, critical thinkers, collaborators, and oral communicators as they tackle a wide range of projects and challenges.
The sixth grade math program creates a solid foundation in computational fluency, problem-solving skills, and conceptual understanding, with an emphasis on real-life applications. Through understanding the characteristics and truly grasping the definition of different concepts, students are able to expand their concrete understanding and apply these concepts more abstractly. Students work individually, in partnerships, and as a full class group on various challenges and projects.
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Meet the Sixth Grade Teaching Team

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    Sarah Bookstein 

    Grade 6 Co-Teacher
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    Kathleen Boucher-Lavigne 

    Grade 6 Teacher


Grade 6 offers girls' and boys' soccer, co-ed field hockey, and cross country in the fall, girls' and boys' basketball in the winter, and girls' and boys' lacrosse in the spring.


Grade 6 offers a plethora of activities, including a variety of electives (baking, mountain biking, volleyball, gaming, gardening and more), MathCounts, chorus, Model United Nations and the CRS Speech Team.