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Grade 8 Culminating Field Trip to New York City Day 2

May 29, 2024

On our second day in New York City, 8th graders began the day by fueling up with bagel sandwiches. We made our way to the Tenement Immigration Museum in the Lower East Side. Students were guided through the “Under One Roof” tour in the historically-recreated tenement home. We learned that the tenements were built in 1863 and housed 7,000 people over a period of 72 years. We visited the homes and heard the stories of the Rogarshevskys and the Baldizzis, a Jewish family and an Italian family who became neighbors in 97 Orchard during a important time in New York City history.

Next, we enjoyed an in-depth walking tour of Hamilton’s New York beginning in 1789! We visited many historical places including Hamilton’s burial spot, the Astor Cross in Trinity Churchyard, Delmonico’s Restaurant, and St. Paul’s Chapel. 

We capped off our trip with Joe’s pizza which received an average CRS rating of 4.5/5 stars.

We spent the bus ride recapping our favorite parts of the trip and sharing what we learned.