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Grade 8 Culminating Field Trip to New York City Day 1

May 28, 2024

Day One of the 8th Grade NYC Trip

Currently, our 8th grade class is on their end-of-year two day field trip in New York!

Students departed the CRS campus this morning at 8:00am and began their exploration at the American Museum of Natural History. In small groups, they explored exhibits on dinosaurs, reptiles, mammals, gemstones (featuring the “Ice Cold” exhibition of hip hop jewelry), biodiversity, and the Big Bang Theater.  We even saw some otters in the museum!

As a bonus, we got to visit Central Park after the museum.

Next we checked into our hotel and students got ready to head to dinner (while exploring some scenic neighborhoods on the way) at Gayle’s Broadway Rose where they enjoyed live performances during the meal.

We practically ran with excitement to the last stop of the day: the Richard Rogers Theater to see Hamilton on Broadway! Otters proclaimed the musical exceeded expectations!

We selected Hamilton as our culminating off-campus field trip for three reasons:

1) It connects to our curriculum. In fact, the eighth grade held a full Mock Trial this year on the case of Aaron Burr.

2) Our students recently starred in their own musical, CRS’ production of The Little Mermaid Junior

3) Back when they were in 6th grade, the Class of 2024 chose to perform three songs from Hamilton for their 6th & Broadway assembly

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